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AVF Plug-in

The TRACE Automated Testing Framework (ATF) is a collection of Perl scripts, input files, and directories used to analyze TRACE code versions. This framework divides testing into three tiers of varying purpose: measuring consistency between code versions (regression), code health (robustness), and code accuracy (assessment). Each of these tiers are broken into several suites, which themselves are logical groupings of inputs. Regression testing is implemented by coupling Perl scripts and GNU make to run a large number of input decks and generate summaries of the differences between runs. Robustness and Assessment utilize Perl scripts and AVScript to compare results between code versions and data.

The Automated Validation Framework (AVF) plug-in is a SNAP plug-in designed to provide the simmilar functionality to the TRACE ATF and AVScript in a generic fashion that can be easily adapted to other analysis codes. The AVF Plug-in User's Manual contains instructions for importing ATF files and for working with AVF models. An AVF Plug-in Tutorial is also available which includes hands-on instructions for working with the new features of the AVF plug-in.

Change Log

Version 3.7.1 - Released 2/28/2022:

  • The AVF differencing features have been updated to make use of Java's more modern process handling for executing custom diff commands. This update provides a substantial performance improvement for AVF regression suites making heavy use of file differencing.