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MELCOR Plug-in

This plug-in provides pre- and post-processing support for the MELCOR 2.1/2.2 code.

Change Log

Version 2.7.1 - Released 2/16/2024:

  • A feature was added that allows the user to right click on a drawn control function and view an ASCII representation of its equation.
  • The Core component ASCII export has been updated to support collapsing the tables of cell data when not using the Expanded Table Format. This capability is enabled with the "Collapse Cell Data" property of a core.
  • The ASCII import logic has been updated to identify named blocks in parallel input files identified with an INCLUDE reference.
  • An issue has been resolved that prevented initializing named block selection correctly for named blocks that did not user all upper case letters.
  • The control volume ASCII import behavior has been updated to handle PROP-SPECIFIED time-dependent pool temperature values.
  • The MELCOR animation logic has been updated to support animating over multiple time sets
  • The 1.8.6 Heat Structure export logic has been updated to provide an option to decide whether or not to collapse the initial temperature nodes.
  • The dialogs where control functions, tabular functions or external data files are selected have been updated to ensure they are sorted.
  • The core Regions Geometry property editing dialog has been updated to hide the 3D panel when the Enable 3D Displays general preference is set to False.
  • Plot variables as specified in the User's Guide Version 2.2.18019 have been added to the MELCOR plug-in.