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SVN Plug-in

The SVN plug-in provides an interface to the Subversion Version Control System allowing models created under SNAP to be managed via SVN.

The SVN Plug-in User's Manual provides instructions for working with SVN to manage SNAP model files.

Change Log

Version 2.0.0 - Released 2/24/2021:

  • The SVN Plug-in has been updated to work with the new SNAP Version Control framework. It will now automatically detect when the current model is managed by SVN, and to display the toolbar and tools menus appropriately.

Version 1.3.0 - Released 3/4/2020:

  • Updated to work with Java 11. Methods that have been deprecated in Java 11 have been refactored to use the appropriate Java 11 equivalent.

Version 1.2.0 - Released 10/24/2019:

  • The SVN file status operation is now performed on the working file rather than the working directory. This prevents an error that could occur where the status for an incorrect file would be returned if the file name was a subset of some other file name. This also resolves an error where the SVN Status command would fail if the model was located in a directory unmanaged by SVN, but the parent directory is managed by SVN.
  • The SVN Plug-in has been updated with the ability to provide SVN meta data to other plug-ins. This allows SVN Meta data to be included with an ASCII export of a model.
  • The names and layout of the Subversion menu has been revised to have a more intuitive layout. Operations are grouped by type and are no longer removed or replaced with other operations (with the exception of Lock/Unlock) based on the model's current state. Additional Compare operations (local to base, local to head, local to revision) have been added to the menu to facilitate version comparisons. Many of the menu item tooltips have been revised to have a nomenclature consistent with the SVN system.
  • The Conflict state has been split into a Conflict (pre-merge) state and a Conflict (merging) state. The pre-merge Conflict state indicates that the current model has local modifications and new versions are available on the repository, while the merging Conflict state indicates that conflict resolution between local modifications and remote modifications has begun.
  • The Revision History dialog has been updated to have a Compare to Local button. The Compare to Local button will compare the local model (including any local modifications) to the selected revision when only one revision is selected. In addition, the base revision for the local model is now noted in the dialog.
  • The Commit button in the toolbar is now disabled after a commit is performed. Previously the commit button was not being disabled after a commit, allowing the user to perform additional commits that were reported as successful but never actually pushed to the repository.
  • The "Unsaved Model" warning dialog that appears during the Commit operation has been revised from a Yes/No/Cancel dialog to a Yes/No dialog. The operation will not continue unless the model is saved. This change also applies to the Add, Rename, and Accept Local Changes operations.
  • The SVN File Status information displayed in the Query Model Status dialog now contains additional information about the repository head. Additionally, the information has been reorganized for clarity.
  • An issue was resolved which could cause the Querying File Status progress dialog to encounter a deadlock, forcing the user to manually cancel the process.
  • The Update to Version action now only allows users to update to versions that have the same filename as the current version.

Version 1.1.2 - Released 10/25/2018:

  • Fixed the version number of the plug-in in the about dialog.
  • The SVN plug-in has been updated to resolve a status issue with certain paths under windows.
  • When resolving a conflict state through the graphical merge behavior, the SVN menu only allows opening the comparison dialog, accepting local changes, reverting to remote changes, and performing a status update.
  • The SVN plug-in has been updated to safely handle updating the status of files in a directory that contains other files that end with the same name as the working file.

Version 1.1.1 - Internal Release

Version 1.1.0 - Released 8/16/2018:

  • The version control system plug-in can be disabled by selecting "None" from the list of supported version control systems in the Preferences dialog.
  • An issue was resolved that would cause a blocking dialog to open over the report results dialog if an error occurs while querying the status of a MED file.
  • An issue was resolved that would cause an error report dialog to display when opening a MED file if there is an error updating the SVN status of that model.
  • The SVN plug-in supports comparing and merging conflicts using the value based merge capability.
  • Added localized undo redo to the component comparison dialogs. This undo stack is local and will be cleared if an external change is made to one of the underlying models.