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The PDFCat application merges a series of PDF files into a single file while preserving bookmarks. This Java based application can be run interactively or in batch mode. Interactive mode consists of a tabular view of input files along with output file statistics. Merge controls are included which allow the user to adjust the order in which the PDF files are merged.

A batch mode is also included for running common PDF merge tasks. A batch file can be provided to the application commandline to generate merged pdf files without the use of the user interface. The batch syntax requires names of the input pdf files to merge along with the name of the output file to create. The interactive mode also provides support for importing and exporting batch files. Importing a batch file into the interface populates the tabular view with the specified input files and sets the location of the output file. Conversely, exporting a batch file takes the existing input and output file locations and generates a batch script.

Download PDF Cat

To run PDF Cat, download the application, and execute the following command in the folder where it was saved:

    java -jar PDFCat.jar

On some systems, you can simply double-click the JAR file to launch the application.